Easter, the most glorious season of the year, celebrates the Triumph of Christ over the power of sin and death.  Death has lost its sting.  Christ is victor.  During this season, the Church welcomes catechumens into the Church and encourages believers to reflect on the Easter message.  This rosary helps to do that.  The decades are composed of white opaque faceted czech glass to recall the glory with which Christ clothed himself after the Resurrection.  The decades are accented with garnet red faceted czech glass as a decade accent to provide a reflection on the Five Wounds which Christ still had as tokens of his crucifixion. The Our Father beads are made with a yellow faceted czech glass, a bright gold to remind the user of the great glory and splendor of this season.  The centerpiece is the Divine Mercy "M" center, recalling the moment in which Christ told St. Thomas the Apostle to place his hand in his side.  The Church also celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday at the end of the Easter Octave.  The crucifix is a Lillies Crucifix, the lily being the traditional flower associated with Easter.  The medal is of St. Mary Magdalene, who was present at the foot of the Cross when Jesus died, and was the first witness to Jesus' Resurrection.

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