Sometime before his death in 480 AD, a monk named St. Benedict penned his famous "Rule for Beginners," in which he describes the life of a stable monastic community led by an Abbot which would welcome all guests as Christ. Little did he know that his simple yet profound rule would have a deep and lasting impact on the Church and the world. His rule would help kickstart a religious revolution, found monasteries that would evangelize and educate Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, preserve western civilization, create countless myriads of saints, and radiate the light of Jesus Christ to the world. In his spirit, we take our name, Benedict's Beads and seek to offer religious goods and provide and repair beautiful rosaries to aid our customers in their prayer life.

About Brad

Brad Geist is a Theology graduate of Benedictine College.

He grew up as a cradle Catholic who, during his freshman year in high school, rediscovered his Catholic faith and the great love of Jesus Christ. Over the years he has fostered a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and a deep love of theology, which led him to seek a theology degree from Benedictine College. After graduating from BC, he joined St. Benedict's Abbey to discern a possible monastic vocation, taking the name of Br. Benedict Mary. However, after three years and making it to simple vows, he discerned that Jesus was not calling him to remain a monk and sought a dispensation from his vows. Though he is no longer a monk, Brad still keeps many monastic elements in his daily life such as a deep love of scripture and careful devotion to balancing prayer and work in his day to day routine.

About Ciera

Ciera Geist is a Theology graduate of Benedictine College.

Growing up in a small town outside of Wahoo, Nebraska (yes, there really is such a place!), she grew up in the Faith attending the local Catholic school and going to Sunday Mass at the small farming parish in the next town over. After making the Catholic faith her own during her junior year of high school, she began to pursue a way of life that would foster her beliefs and help encourage others on their own journeys of faith. This led her to Benedictine College to pursue a degree in theology. It was here that she dove into the depths of her Marian devotion by joining the Legion of Mary, which – at the time – was led by the monk Br. Benedict Mary Geist (later Brad Geist), founder of Benedict’s Beads. The pair remained close friends after his discernment out of St. Benedicts Abbey, and she now assists with the making of high-quality and beautiful ladder rosaries.

Brad and Ciera were married in June of 2019. In addition to running Benedict’s Beads, Brad works as a Pastoral Associate at Our Lady of Sorrows and St. Monica Catholic Churches in downtown Kansas City. Ciera is now a stay at home mom with our little girl and works for Benedict's Beads full time.


During his time at Benedictine College, Brad founded a rosary business named Mediatrix Rosaries, which first sold twine rosaries and, after Holy Week of 2011, switched primarily to producing beaded ladder rosaries. After college, he spent 3 years living as a Benedictine monk before discerning a return to lay life. He spent much of his time at the monastery selling the rosaries that you see on this site for the benefit of St. Benedict’s Abbey. Though these rosaries are no longer “monk-made,” they are still made with the same careful attention to quality, beauty and strength. There are several opportunities on our website to support the monks.

Brad and Ciera on their wedding day