Rosary Repair

For those who need repairs on ladder rosaries that have been made by Benedict’s Beads or under our previous business name of Mediatrix Rosaries, please see our Guarantee page.

For those rosaries not made by Benedict’s Beads, there are two options available- the first is a normal rosary repair, and the second is what we call a “Ladderization.” If you are interested in the Ladderization, please click here to learn more. There are a lot of advantages to the Ladderization- among them being a stronger rosary with a stunning new look. If you don’t want the ladderization, the rosary repair is the next best option.

Pulling from our large inventory of rosary supplies and offer these services:

  • Bead replacement
  • Crucifix replacement
  • Centerpiece replacement
  • Wire replacement
  • General link repairs

We always try to keep our prices low with our rosary repairs. Generally the highest cost is around $35.00 for our most extensive repairs, though that can vary depending upon the materials used or if any replacement parts need to be ordered. We can’t offer a straight price simply because we can’t see the full extent of the damage until it’s in front of us. If you are interested, please send your rosary in a padded mailer along with your contact information (name, address, email, and phone number) to

Benedict’s Beads

C/o Brad Geist

3228 Reynolds Rd

Independence, MO 64055

When you send your rosary, please refrain from taping it to anything, as the tape can ruin the finish on the beads or other parts.

Please be sure to write “Rosary Repair” somewhere on the note that you include so we don’t get it mixed up with rosary donations. We will let you know when it arrives. Please do not send your rosaries with signature confirmation. Due to the number of repairs and rosary orders that we get regularly, please expect anywhere from 2-6 weeks for your rosary to return to you. When we have finished it, we will let you know that it is ready and provide a means of payment. After that, we will have it shipped out as quickly as possible.

We need to see the rosary before we can price the repair but no repair is more than $35. We will notify you of the price when we are finished. 

It helps us to know that your rosary is on the way and contacting us gives us a way to ensure that we have your email from the start as well as information regarding your repair.  Because of this, we ask that you fill out this form and send it to us so that we can keep an eye out for your rosary repair.  If you have any questions or are not sure if we are able to repair it, please also feel free to fill out this form.

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