Below you will find our policies regarding sales and other issues.


Payment must be received in full before we begin work on custom orders. No special parts will be ordered until we receive full payment. 

We will not ship any product out until we have received full payment.

Check payments

We accept check payments, but this has to be arranged with us by email or phone.  You can find our contact information at the bottom of this page. No product will be shipped out until the check has cleared the bank.

All sales are final.  We cannot take back completed rosaries as there is a risk of them having been blessed, which would mean we cannot sell them again at a profit.  If you are unsure if the rosary that you want to give as a gift is going to be the one that is desired, we recommend taking advantage of our gift certificates.

Rush Ordering
Placing a rush order does not guarantee that you will receive your rosary within two weeks, especially with large orders, or orders which exceed our current bead supply for that particular type of bead (requiring us to order more, which takes time).  What rush ordering does is it places your rosary at a higher spot in our queue and gives it priority so that it will get done much sooner.  Needless to say, we will do everything we can to ensure that you get your rosary by the desired date and that we always have on hand a reasonable amount of beads at any given time. Ideal order time should factor in 1-2 days of work making the rosary and 3-4 days for the rosary to ship.


Benedict's Beads is not responsible for rosary repairs and/or ladderizations that get lost in the mail. We strongly advise you to get a tracking number when sending your package to us.


We are not responsible for losing repairs among our donations if they are not properly marked as a repair.  Please be sure that you mark your repair clearly so that it is not confused for something else.

We also do not bear responsibility if your rosary is damaged or lost in the mail on the way to us due to poor packaging.  Do not use paper envelopes!

We require that all rosary repairs be sent to us.  We do not send out rosary parts for people to repair their own rosaries.  This is done for many reasons, the least being that we do not know where these parts or going and risk being desecrated by improper handling.  

Benedict's Beads Guarantee

Our guarantee covers breaks and we promise to repair any of our ladder rosaries in the event that this should occur.  Our guarantee does not cover lost, missing, or stolen rosaries.  Our guarantee applies only to our ladder rosaries.  Our guarantee also does not cover modifications that are not strictly repairs.

For Ladderizations, our guarantee is limited to simple repairs of chain and wire.  As much as we can, we'll try to replace missing or broken crucifixes, centers, and beads as we are able, but we are limited with what we have, as we don't often carry the parts for your ladderization in stock.