St. Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Jesus who had seven demons cast out of her.  Her love for Jesus was so great that she stood at the foot of the Cross when every apostle but St. John had fled.  She is often depicted weeping at the foot of the Cross, heartbroken at what happened to Our Lord.  On Easter Sunday, determined to give Jesus a proper burial, went to the tomb to finish the anointing of his body.  By doing so, she became the first witness to Jesus' Resurrection from the dead.  She received the message from the angels and encountered Jesus shortly after, recognizing his voice when he called out to her.  She was the first to proclaim the Easter message to the Apostles.  She became a great preacher of Christ and, according to Tradition, went to the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar to proclaim the Resurrection with a boiled egg in hand to demonstrate her message.  When she met him, she boldly proclaimed, "Christ is Risen!"  The emperor sarcastically responded that Christ was no more risen than the egg in her hand was red.  Immediately the egg turned red.

This rosary in inspired by the great example of St. Mary Magdalene.  The decades are made with Crystal AB Faceted Czech Glass to represent the purity of her soul after Christ cast out the seven demons.  Garnet Red Faceted Czech Glass is used in the decade accents and Our Father beads to represent her deep and burning love for Christ, even in the face of great suffering and risk to herself- which is why we also used the Ecce Homo medal, depicting Christ in agony, crowned with thorns.  The red also represents Mary Magdalene's Easter Message and reminds us that she is the first witness of the Resurrection.  This is also reflected in the choice of the Lillies Crucifix, the lily being a symbol of Easter.  The rosary is completed by a Mary Magdalene medal, which depicts her weeping at the Cross.

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