36, John KlimakosLadder Rosaries

A Ladder Rosary is a type of rosary whose origin comes from Mexico. It is so called because the beads are turned sideways and linked into chain rather than to one another, making the beads look like rungs on a ladder. The ladder has a very long history in the Scriptures and Tradition. Jacob sees a ladder in the Old Testament, representing the ascent to God. Jesus appropriates this imagery to himself, the Ladder between heaven and earth. St. Benedict speaks of the Ladder of humility, by which we climb to God. St. John Climacus speaks of the Ladder of Divine Ascent, the rungs being the different virtues leading to union with God. The Marian significance was also drawn out over time. St. Dominic experienced a vision of souls climbing into Heaven on the Rosary. St. Francis de Sales had a vision of two ladders to Heaven: a rather steep one directly to Jesus, and another, far less steep, towards the Blessed Virgin Mary. Interestingly, the Russian word for Rosary means “ladder,” and, Michaelangelo’s “Last Judgment” in the Sistine Chapel shows two souls being pulled out of purgatory by a Rosary.

Ladder Rosaries are very strong. Because the beads are turned sideways and linked into the chain, the force of a pull on the rosary is placed on the chain, rather than on the links.

Our Ladder Rosaries are second to none. Ladder Rosaries generally have a low reputation due to the fact that they’re often haphazardly made, use lower quality materials (especially chain), and improperly space the beads so that they’re not comfortable to use. Our rosaries are not like that. We use the best materials on the market while still keeping the rosaries affordable and accessible. We carefully avoid any twists and space the beads perfectly so that the rosary is remarkably comfortable. We add a personal touch to our rosaries, paying particular attention to our customers’ desires. We also pray for the future owner of the rosary, something that most large rosary companies do not do.

Our Ladder Rosaries are perfect gifts for all occasions, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, first communion, confirmation, birthday etc. Because of their design, they are incredibly durable and will last for many years to come. They are highly customizable and guaranteed for free repair should they ever break.

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