St. Michael is renowned for being the enemy of Lucifer, the angel that rebelled against God and forever after became known as Satan.  His cry of "Who is like God?" (in Hebrew Miḳa'el) is evocative of his holiness and an example of the power that one who trusts God and works to defend his honor wields for the good of all.  When war broke out in heaven, Satan and his angels made war on Michael and his angels.  Michael succeeded and cast down Satan.  Throughout the history of the Church, Michael has been held in great honor and is one of only three angels mentioned in the Bible, the other two being St. Gabriel and St. Raphael.  Michael appears in the Book of Daniel and the book of Revelation.  In more recent times, Pope Leo XIII named St. Michael the protector of the Church, particularly against the evils of modernism. He is a patron for those suffering from temptation and demonic oppression.  He is invoked by name by the Church when exorcisms are performed.  This rosary honors St. Michael the Archangel in many ways.  The beads are made of Dragon's Blood Jasper, which evokes the fall of Satan with its mixture of green and red.  The centerpiece portrays the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in which Michael is portrayed on the left, presenting the infant Jesus with a vision of his crucifixion.  The Medal is of St. Michael the Archangel and of the Guardian Angel, reminding the user of his protection, and the crucifix is the Angels Crucifix.

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