St. Thomas Aquinas was an Italian born Dominican priest, philosopher, and theologian from the 13th century who is renowned for his foundational works in Theology and Philosophy that worked to reconcile faith and human reason.  He was well known for being able to say things briefly and concisely in such a way that he could say something in just a few sentences that would have taken other philosophers pages to write. St. Thomas's most famous works include the Summa Theologica and Summa Contra Gentiles but he also wrote commentaries on scripture, commentaries on the major works of Aristotle, and compiled a patristic commentary on the Gospels.  His works have been required reading for seminarians throughout the centuries.  He is also famous for composing many hymns for the Church that are still used throughout her liturgies, especially on Holy Thursday, Corpus Christi, and in Eucharistic Adoration.  Some of his hymns include the O Salutaris (O Saving Victim), the Pange Lingua (from which comes the Tantum Ergo), the Adoro te Devote (Godhead Here in Hiding) and the Panis Angelicus (Bread of Angels).  St. Thomas is known as the Universal Doctor, the Common Doctor, and the Angelic Doctor (due to his thorough work developing a theology of Angels).

This rosary, in honor of St. Thomas, is made of your choice of round or faceted black and white opaque czech glass beads to resemble the Dominican habit.  The crucifix is the Angels Crucifix to call to mind St. Thomas' title as the Angelic Doctor.  The rosary is completed by a St. Thomas Aquinas medal.

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