St. Joseph was the adopted father of Jesus and provided and guarded him and his mother Mary during some of the most dangerous times of his youth. The important role he played in God’s plan is inestimable: he received Mary as his wife despite her being pregnant by the Holy Spirit, provided the sacrifice for Jesus at the Presentation of the Temple, fled with his family to Egypt from King Herod’s wrath, led them back when Herod died, chose the place where Jesus and Mary would live for the next twenty or so years, worked diligently as a carpenter to provide a living for Jesus and Mary, searched diligently for Jesus with Mary and found him in the Temple, and died in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

This rosary is made with zebrawood beads, which were made in our own woodshop, honoring St. Joseph's trade as carpenter.  It is adorned with the St. Joseph center, and you can choose between the Angels Crucifix, or the Log Crucifix. The Angels Crucifix to remind the user of the dreams of St. Joseph- in which an angel would speak to him to communicate God’s will to him.  The Log crucifix emphasizes St. Joseph's trade as a carpenter.

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