St. Anne was a Jewish woman who was, with her husband St. Joachim, childless.  One day, Joachim was reproached in the Temple by the priest for his sterility and fled into the wilderness to pray.  St. Anne, grieved that she did not have a child, promised to God that if she were given a child, she would dedicate it to the Lord's Service.  An angel visited both Joachim and Anne and told them in a vision that they would indeed have a most wondrous baby.  It was in St. Anne's womb that the Immaculate Conception took place.  They had a daughter and gave her the name Mary.  Three years later, they fulfilled their promise and gave Mary to the service of the Temple in Jerusalem.  Their daughter would grow up to be the Blessed Virgin Mary, making St. Anne the grandmother of God.  Because of this, St. Anne is considered a patron saint of grandmothers.

This tenner rosary uses Crystal AB Faceted Czech glass for the decades with Amethyst Faceted Czech glass for decade accents and Our Father beads.  The rosary is completed with an Embellished Crucifix and a St. Anne medal that depicts her holding and instructing the young Blessed Virgin.

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