This rosary was designed in honor the Legion of Mary, the world's largest lay apostolate that seeks to bring souls to Jesus Christ through the ministrations of our Lady acting through her Legionaries. The ladder rosary design is especially important with this design as it can remind the Legionary of the Catena- the chain of prayers that are prayed at every meeting and by all auxiliary members daily. The beads are a bright red using Ruby Red Czech glass and calls to mind the official color of the Legion, which is not blue but red in honor of the Holy Spirit.  The centerpiece and medal are the Holy Spirit center and the Miraculous Medal and are meant to remind the user of the Vexillum Legionis, the official standard of the Legion on which each active member makes their Legionary promises and an essential part of the altar set up at every Legion meeting.  Finally, the rosary has the Sorrowful Mother crucifix, in which Mary is depicted at Christ's side, holding a chalice to his pierced heart, reminding the Legionary to alway stay close to Christ and recalling what Frank Duff said in chapter 6 of the handbook- that Mary is the dispenser of Christ's precious blood.

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