In addition to our Tenner Rosaries, we offer Single Decade Rosaries, which are a customizable type of rosary where one decade is looped and joined by a centerpiece. Below the centerpiece hangs an Our Father bead and a crucifix. These rosaries are great for pockets and can be prayed discreetly. Click "Our Parts Selection" in the menu bar above to see what each of the options looks like. If you want to order two or more different custom ladder rosaries, just enter what you want for the first one, add it to the cart, and come back to this listing and do it again. The cart will remember all of your selections.

Price: $25.00

    Our Father Beads:

    Decade Accent:

    Please indicate where you would like the accent to go (choose 2). Select only if you chose a decade accent.:

    Numbers designate the order of the decade. For instance, choosing 5 and 6 will put the beads in the center of the decade, 1 and 10 will place them on the outside, etc.

    Bead Caps (Optional):

    We recommend only getting bead caps if your beads are druk or round.



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