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Donate Your Rosaries

If you have a broken rosary and don’t plan on using it, consider donating it to Benedict’s Beads, where it can be very useful in repairing other rosaries. Your donation can help ensure that someone else can use their rosary for many more years to come. Any unusable parts will be disposed of appropriately, according to Catholic practice.

We ask that you package the rosary in a padded mailer and avoid taping it because it can damage the finish on the beads or the crucifix.

Please send the rosary and a small note explaining your purpose to:

Benedict’s Beads

C/O Brad Geist

3228 Reynolds Rd

Independence, MO 64055

Quick update! A lot of people have asked us if we are still open after the pandemic.  We're happy to say that we are.  Our business is based in our home, which means that we don't need to pay rent or get foot traffic to survive.  As it stands, we don't have any intention of closing our business.  Please feel free to continue sending your donations and be assured that they will reach us and be used.