• Build a Tenner Rosary - 25
  • Build a Tenner Rosary - 25
  • Build a Tenner Rosary - 25

Inspired by the Irish Penal Rosary, the “Tenner Rosary” is a handy rosary that can be quickly stored or retrieved from the pocket and prayed quietly in the hand. Made with a single Our Father bead, a decade, a medal, and a crucifix, the Tenner keeps praying the Rosary simple.

Price: $25.00

    Our Father Beads:

    Decade Accent:

    Bead Caps (Optional):

    Medal :


    Rush it!:

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    Westminster Colorado

    Tenner Rosaries and many MANY more...

    They are beautiful. I've purchased several Rosaries from this company and they are amazing. I've also sent in 3 Rosaries to have ladderized and they are superior to any rosary that I've ever owned. Not only are they beautiful but they do not break.
    Thank you.