Benedict’s Beads takes custom orders for whatever rosary the customer may desire (within reason of course). With our new expanded inventory, we have 97 types of beads, 28 centerpieces, 59 saint medals, and 28 crucifixes to choose from. Coupled with the various ways that we can make the rosary, this means there are over a billion ways to get to your perfect ladder rosary! Please note that this rosary is handmade to order, so please expect a wait time of 4-6 weeks unless "Rush it!" is selected.

Price: $250.00

    Our Father Beads:

    Decade Accent:

    Please indicate where you would like the accent to go (choose 2). Select only if you chose a decade accent.:

    Numbers designate the order of the decade. For instance, choosing 5 and 6 will put the beads in the center of the decade, 1 and 10 will place them on the outside, etc.

    Bead Caps (Optional):

    Medal (Optional):



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